Selling into the US to Maximise Your Global Ecommerce Potential

It’s time to maximise your global ecommerce potential with this unique guide to selling into the US market from Digital River

In the modern age, cross-border commerce is no longer an insurmountable challenge: it is too large an opportunity to ignore. Brands of all shapes and sizes are now selling their wares on a global scale, but there is no greater opportunity than the United States. As the second largest ecommerce market in the world, brands the world over are now turning to the US hoping to capture a share of this lucrative and evolving market.

But the success of any global ecommerce strategy rests on one thing: how well you’re able to establish yourself in a new market. Different markets present their own risks, challenges, complexity, and confusion. To thrive, you’ll have to overcome differences in customer expectations and cultural hurdles, as well as comply with new regulations. When it comes to the US, you’ll also have to consider differences between states and jurisdictions, too. So how do you gain a foothold in this new market?

In a new guide to maximising global ecommerce potential, Digital River lay out everything you need to know about selling into the United States. From embedding an unrivalled customer experience to building transaction simplicity through payments, download now to uncover the crucial steps you must take to thrive in the US ecommerce market and on the global stage.

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Key Insights

A World of Opportunity

Deciding to open up your business to the US market is an exciting prospect for any organisation. But you don’t need to learn how to thrive in this new market as you go. Plot a strategic way forward to gain an ecommerce foothold in North America.

Overcoming the Complexity of Compliance

The complicated nature of compliance in global business can feel expensive and cumbersome, but it is imperative for your success. Learn how to comply with US regulations as you enter the market.

Unlock New Business with Customer Experience

Regardless of how you sell your products, improving the customer experience has increasingly become a differentiator as businesses today recognise the impact that experience has on securing a transaction and maintaining loyalty. Overhaul your customer experiences for a US audience with this new report.



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