Warning: Your brand may be at risk

How to protect your data and maintain compliance in an ever-changing ecommerce environment

When it comes to global ecommerce, advancements in modern technology have allowed brands—both big and small—to connect directly with consumers in ways like never before. This has exposed brands to a myriad of malicious and fraudulent data activity and cyber threats.

This white paper helps businesses to understand the ever-changing international landscape of cyber security and data protection laws:

The rising costs of cyber threats and data breaches

No executive wants the negative attention and fines that are likely to follow a data breach. Gain insight on how to avoid the risk of breaches and maintain customer, shareholders and employee confidence.

A new era of data protection

Discover the impacts following the GDPR, why the EU is leading the world on enforcement and the processes executives need to put in place in order to be compliant.

Compliance standards for securing private data

New laws only add to the complex and ever-changing nature of cross-border business. Identify how to stay compliant to keep personal and financial data safe.

Roles and responsibilities of the C-Suite

Explore the new roles among C-Level executives that are ensuring compliance with all global data protection laws and regulations.