Special report: EU ecommerce beyond EU borders

An investigation into EU companies’ readiness for global success

Technology has made it possible for anyone anywhere to quickly set up their ecommerce business. The same technology makes it possible to expand into new regions and compete with local incumbents. Naturally, this requires advanced localisation, personalisation and governance expertise.

This report lifts the lid on how EU companies are approaching these technology-fuelled opportunities (and challenges). Explore the thoughts of ecommerce executives from across the EU, sharing strategies, predictions and what’s needed for ecommerce success:

Key findings

Best regions for ecommerce opportunities

Find out where in the world EU companies are aiming to grow their ecommerce footprints.

Top challenges to ecommerce growth

Discover some of the obstacles your peers are encountering in their expansion strategies.

Building a platform for success

Find out the consensus around current ecommerce platforms and why over half are planning to replatform within 12 months.

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