Direct-to-consumer: Get closer to buyers and their buying journeys

As consumers place more value on direct relationships with brands, here’s how to take control of your ecommerce destiny 

Going direct-to-consumer (D2C) is one of the most powerful and effective ways to succeed with ecommerce. Consumers increasingly want strong direct brand relationships, supplemented by great customer service. This guide shows you how to plan, manage and develop your D2C channel.

Key insights

Discovery stage

Explore insight into this most crucial stage – where prospects are searching online, and recognising where their buying journey starts.

When stakes are high

Warning signs for retailers: Many consumers prefer brand manufacturer websites over retailers and brand resellers. Find out how to respond.

D2C opportunities

Explore the risks of relying on resellers alone, the need to manage touchpoints way before purchase stage, and why 48% of manufacturers are building D2C channels.

Succeeding at the ‘ready to buy’ stage

Gain end-to-end D2C insight into what happens between landing on a website, making a purchase decision, updating a basket and checking out.

Customer ‘lock-in’ & loyalty

Discover some of the top D2C trends you can use to accelerate your ecommerce expansion.

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