Is Involuntary Churn Killing Your Revenue Growth Potential?

Unlock revenue growth by rechannelling your marketing efforts toward existing customers 

The cost of customer acquisition is high, but that doesn’t stop organisations prioritising acquisition in their growth strategies. However, the real gains are in customer loyalty and repeat business, not in increasing your customer base. 

Even as little as a 5% increase in loyalty can yield as much as a 95% increase in revenue. So the trick for organisations like yours is how to reprioritise your efforts to kill off the churn and encourage loyalty in your customers. 

Download this free report from Digital River today to learn how to establish an anti-churn marketing strategy for your organisation. From intelligent payment routing to grace periods and extensions, you’ll discover how a global organisation powers loyalty through true accountability.  

Key insights

Customer Retention 

Acquisition is great, but it doesn’t give the yields that retention does. Learn more by downloading today. 

Overcome Churn 

68% of retention managers say replacing lost customers is “very” or “extremely” challenging. 

5 Ways to Increase Profitability 

Unlock greater profitability with these five methods Digital River utilises to increase subscription value.