The Future of Ecommerce in 2020 & Beyond

Prepare your organisation for the future of ecommerce with this report from Digital River and ecommerce experts

The ecommerce market is rapidly expanding. In 2019, the online market was worth $3.46 trillion, an increase of 18% year-over-year. It’s no doubt that how consumers and corporations approach shopping has been upended, and with the worldwide coronavirus lockdown, this trend continues to accelerate the shift to ecommerce..

To help retailers overcome these challenges, Digital River recently engaged with dozens of experts at two of its Commerce Connect flagship events in San Francisco and London. In this insightful report, you’ll learn how to capture new consumers in the ecommerce age as Digital River unveils the trends that are redefining the sector.

Download your copy today to find out about the next generation of ecommerce solutions, the seven main forces of digital transformation, and crucial factors that are driving consumer behaviour today.


Key Insights

The Path to Ecommerce Success: Ecosystems

Brands are utilising whole ecosystems by bringing a combination of best-in-breed platforms together to future-proof their business and meet the needs of digital transformation. Learn what that means for your organisation.

Areas of Opportunity in Ecommerce

With 37% of B2B businesses citing cost efficiency and the inability to provide a seamless CX as their main pain points, there’s an opportunity to set your brand apart. Discover more opportunities in this exclusive Digital River report.

The Future of Ecommerce

With insider looks into payments, digital transformation, localisation and monetisation, Digital River have compiled a selection of the trends that are redefining the face of ecommerce. Make sure your organisation stays ahead and get your copy today.



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