Ecommerce Solution Buyer’s Guide: Checklist for Global Success

Why now’s the time to get into the business of global ecommerce

Forrester predicts that by 2018, over 11% of total retail sales in the US, some $414 billion, will come directly from transactions completed in digital channels (online, tablet, mobile).

Established markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Canada are seeing growth rates for online spend in the 10% range, with emerging markets like India soaring to a rate of 50%.

Explore this comprehensive 3-step checklist for ecommerce solutions and make the most informed decision possible for your business:

Defining strategic objectives

View some of the difficult but necessary questions you’ll need to ask yourself and your leadership team.

Solution checklist for your current and future business plans

Explore the complete 43-point checklist you’ll need for your ecommerce strategy. Covers everything including marketing, support, delivery, finance, operations and partnerships.

How to evaluate

Advice on making comparisons, plus examples of specific capabilities you may need.

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