The Consumer Expectations Landscape: The Ecommerce Era

Learn where the future of ecommerce lies and what tomorrow’s consumers will expect from online businesses 

23.1% – from 2014 and projected through to 2021, that is the rate at which the ecommerce market will grow. That growth accounts for trillions of dollars in global retail sales. But any business looking to capitalise on this ever-expanding market and earn a slice of the ecommerce pie must contend with an evolving demand: customer expectations.

In The Consumer Expectations Landscape: The Ecommerce Era, we looked at who today’s ecommerce customers are and what they expect from online retailers. We wanted to equip businesses with the knowledge they need to future-proof their ecommerce venture. Download today.

Key insights

Cloud-powered agile ecommerce

Find out how the cloud is taking ecommerce into the agile sphere, allowing for scalability and growth

Customer Experience (CX) drives sales higher

Discover why customers demand more from ecommerce businesses and how if you get CX right, you’ll build customer loyalty and sales

The future of ecommerce

Learn where the ecommerce market is heading so you can better prepare your business for the future