Exploring the Connectivity Landscape from Colocation to the Cloud

With Megaport’s Jason Bordujenko

In the latest episode of Digital Centre’s podcast series, host Omer Wilson talks with Jason Bordujenko, Head of Solutions Architecture at Megaport, on the present and future of connectivity. With demand increasing for organisations not only in APAC but across the globe, Jason and Omer dialling in from Brisbane and Singapore,  delve into the full connectivity landscape. From software-defined networks (SDN) and secure access to the cloud to the optimal co-existence of colocation and the cloud.

You can access the blog mentioned by Jason in the episode on Nine Common Scenarios for Multicloud Design here.

Data Centre 4.0: The future of the Digital Ecosystem

In this podcast series from Digital Centre, Data Centre Leader expert and APAC-based Marketer, Omer Wilson will be in conversation with Technology and Industry Experts on the future of the data centre.

Today’s tech-fuelled transformation era is putting traditional data centres under unprecedented pressure. This pressure is coming from businesses, users and consumers – from every physical, virtual and cloud-centric angle. What does the future hold for the data centre?

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