Webinar: Delivering next-generation revenue – today

Discover how cognitive computing uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to optimise your customer experience and grow revenue

View this webinar to find out how next-generation technology improves customer experience. Learn how this means increased revenue, more upsell/cross-sell opportunities, and better client retention:

Presented by:

Terry Roach, TABB, Head of Fintech Research

Kim Prado, Royal Bank of Canada, Managing Director, Head of Client, Banking & Digital Channels Technology

Bill Pietro, Digital Reasoning, VP of Product Management

Discussions to include…
How Capital Markets will be using next-generation technology to understand, process and act on the expansion of big data, real-time data and alternative data.

Machine learning spotlight
How this next-generation technology is starting to provide meaning and understanding to voice data and how this can help to turn a great customer experience into profit, sales and revenue for your organisation.

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