Customer insights: Cognitive computing infosheet

Find out how cognitive computing increases client understanding and revenue opportunities

To gain true insight into customer relations and customer experience, you need to uncover the context within communications. If you’re a major financial institution, with thousands of salespeople and customers across multiple regions, this used to be impossible. Until now.

View this infosheet to discover how cognitive computing captures and harnesses the nuanced insights previously unrecognised within communications data. Explore a use case involving the busy trading floor, revealing upsell/cross-sell opportunities, plus identifying problem areas in customer service:

Increasing visibility of daily business movements
Explore the impact of cognitive computing. Current analytics solutions help to build a picture of the trading environment by analysing order flow, execution and client productivity. However, cognitive computing goes further. Analysing communications data with human-like accuracy and sensitivity, and at speed and scale.

How cognitive computing enables next-generation customer experience
Discover how these next-generation tools intelligently read communications, alert your team to customer requests, and help you prevent potential problems with customers.

Financial services use case
Find out how cognitive computing is applied within the trading environment. See how the technology understands complex financing discussions, and notifies your team for opportunities to boost revenue and customer experience.

Insightful outcomes: summary
See at-a-glance how cognitive computing can be deployed to increase sales, understand your customers and prospects, and increase productivity and overall market intelligence.

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