How artificial intelligence is transforming the financial service industry

Industry report: AI has transformative implications for the financial industry. How can enterprises use it to meet their business goals?

book coverDiscover how AI is transforming the financial services industry.

Banks and insurance companies are competing in an AI-fuelled race. Enhancing customer experience, uncovering insights hidden in data, and identifying areas for increasing revenue.

This report highlights how this next-generation technology is being deployed to disrupt industries, redefine strategies, and guide companies to make better business decisions.

Key takeaways

The future of financial services and AI

Get a global perspective on why 75% of banks are investing in this game-changing technology. Find out why industry predictions say that by 2020 AI will be the primary way banks communicate with customers.

Why now’s the time for AI

Explore the perfect storm of factors that are driving adoption within the industry. Includes a look at the explosion in big data, changing consumer expectations, and new industry regulation.

Where to make the most gains

Replicating human interactions at scale, using next-generation technology, are the primary goals for many in the financial services industry. This is why analysing why customer insights, understanding, and personalization are so important in any AI strategy.

Underpinning, rather than undermining your employees

Explore the rise in AI as a tool for fighting fraud. As risks continue to grow and evolve, it’s clear AI will have a central part to play in mitigating risks and patching vulnerabilities. Plus, find out the view from Forbes, which talks of the technology as ‘IA, or Intelligent Assistant’.