Enhance Performance with Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure

Unlock crucial insights into how virtualised desktop infrastructure delivers enhanced performance, strong data reduction efficiency, and increased productivity for enterprises

The needs of modern workforces have changed. Employees require a diverse range of apps and technologies to fulfil their responsibilities, and it is the job of CTOs to ensure the workforce has access to them.

But distributing technologies to each user and installing every app on their PC is resource-intensive and could overlook certain user needs. That’s why CTOs are turning to Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to establish a central server to which every end client can access the apps they require.

This is the reality of modern digital workspaces, with VDIs providing secure, consistent and convenient remote access to accelerate productivity across the organisation.

In this white paper from Dell Technologies, you’ll learn how to centrally manage user desktop environments with fewer resources, enhanced security, and greater performance. Download your copy today!

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