The Connected CIO: Moving from Iteration to Innovation

Enterprises all over the world are investing in digital technology. But when everyone is making strides with technology, how do you set yourself apart?

That’s the question that Dell Technologies sought to answer in its exclusive three-part series, the Connected CIO, in partnership with Intel. We live in a digital world, one where companies have had to transform to stay relevant and remain competitive. Heavy investments in digital transformation are the norm throughout all industries. You need to be better.

In the first part of the Connected CIO, Moving from Iteration to Innovation, you’ll discover how to move your organisation from reactive to predictive. You’ll learn the value of a digital-first strategy, and why 9 out of 10 businesses report that technology is the driving force behind business transformation.

More importantly, you’ll see why the digital future will only become possible for organisations with a CIO who champions IT as a company-wide catalyst for strategic innovation.

Download the full report now to activate your digital potential.

Key insights

Winning During the Next Phase of Transformation

Understand what it will take to ensure your organisation makes a success of digital transformation in the future, and the crucial role intelligence and innovation will play.

Reactive to Predictive Strategies

Instead of investing in technology to keep up, learn why it’s important to anticipate technological shifts and to meet them head on.

An Ongoing Journey of Innovation

The modern CIO knows that innovation is a journey, one that never ends. Get in the right mentality to encourage company-wide innovation with this three-part series.