CIO Think Tank Roadmap: Setting the Multi-Cloud Agenda

How can enterprises handle the increasing complexity of multiple clouds while reaping unprecedented benefits? Download Setting the Multi-Cloud Agenda to discover the best practices in the industry right now

In collaboration with Dell Technologies, CIO Think Tank hosted a series of virtual roundtables with dozens of IT leaders who identified obstacles, highlighted best practices, and challenged the tech industry to help navigate the multi-cloud road ahead.

The resulting report is a roadmap for IT leadership – as well as the technology industry – to overcome the multi-cloud obstacles facing enterprises. Participants drew on their own experience and knowledge to describe strategic and tactical approaches to selecting, provisioning and maintaining multiple clouds for maximum business and IT benefit.

Download your copy of the full roadmap report now to uncover IT leaders’ motivations for adopting multi-cloud and the challenges they must overcome. From governance to interoperability, data portability to security and management solutions, CIO Think Tank and Dell Technologies were able to identify the mission-critical issues facing enterprises – and to light the way forwards.

Key insights

Overcome the Complexities of Multi-Cloud

Multi-cloud is a complex beast with challenges arising from all corners of the enterprise. IT leaders weigh in on the best practices for overcoming the major multi-cloud challenges.

Crucial Insights from IT Leaders

Dozens of IT leaders were consulted for the CIO Think Tank Roadmap report. Insights come from Frost Bank, Friserv, MetLife, IDC, Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Aon, Visa, and many more.

Multi-Cloud Recommendations

These insights were distilled into simple takeaways that the tech industry must embrace to make multi-cloud work better, including multi-cloud portability recommendations.

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