How to Enjoy Seamless Workload Experiences

Guest post spotlight with JD Dentinger, Senior Advisor, Dell Technologies Portfolio Marketing.

Your organization’s global users demand and deserve seamless workload experiences; no matter where they do their work or where the workloads or data that they depend on actually reside. If you have been following our discussion of workload placement and the benefits of optimizing your organization’s infrastructure for your most critical workloads in this series, you know that cloud has been a constant theme. As we discussed in a previous article on Dell Technologies’ website which explored migrations and how effective placement strategies evolve over a given workload’s lifecycle, there is no single answer to workplace placement. To ensure you are ready for whatever comes next, your best bet is a hybrid approach to IT that embraces multiple clouds as well as edge and data center technology and enables easy migration between any of these environments.

As new applications need to be onboarded organizations must balance meeting immediate needs with sustainable long-term IT strategies. Your task then becomes looking at existing platforms and future investments holistically to optimize for the most critical needs on the fly. At Dell Technologies, we believe that one strategy clearly emerges for organizations to meet the requirements demanded of them: delivering a seamless experience across clouds. By focusing on consistency organizational requirements and application characteristics can drive more accurate placement of workloads to avoid costly repatriation and optimize cloud economics.

Optimizing for workloads in a multi-cloud context means leveraging one or more public clouds and on-premise infrastructure together to maximize the agility, flexibility, scalability, and intelligent automation that your users’ workloads require. This modern strategy embraces existing platform investments as well as more recent investments to create overall alignment with your business and its top priorities. At Dell Technologies we support your applications, databases and emerging tech use cases everywhere. We can store, run & protect your organization’s workloads consistently across your distributed environment and help you met on your internal goals. Let us help you keep the focus on the workloads which are most important to your bottom-line by creating a unified experience across your public, private and edge clouds.

With respect to other technology initiatives, how important is it for your organization to enable choice in workload placement (i.e., to enable your organization to run workloads on whatever cloud, on- or off-premises, it wants)? (Percent of respondents, 1,257)

Take Control of Your Cloud for Better Business Outcomes

Customers choose Dell Technologies Cloud because it provides a consistent experience across cloud environments with an integrated cloud infrastructure that runs both on-premises and in public clouds—covering compute, storage, networking, security & more. With consistent infrastructure and operations across public, private, and edge clouds, your users will be able to enjoy a familiar experience as they run, store and protect any and all use cases. We can and will help you architect a winning multi-cloud IT strategy built around familiar tools and existing skillsets so that you can take control of your cloud for better business outcomes.

The integrated infrastructure which enables this cloud control the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform is VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail – a marriage of powerful Dell EMC hyperconverged technology with VMware. This turnkey solution is one way that we make our hybrid cloud strategy a real tactic you can deploy to meet internal needs. With this one, complete, automated platform, your organization will be equipped with a direct path to deliver Kubernetes at cloud scale. And now that Dell Technologies Cloud Platform supports VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0 and VMware Tanzu™, your developers will be able to experience this seamlessness for themselves. Supports your end users’ modern, cloud native applications as well as their traditional, virtual machine-based instances with a robust developer platform that brings the power of cloud to more workloads.

Meet the varied demands of all of your end users’ workloads with independent scaling of compute and storage for their cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs provide you with even greater infrastructure customization to tailor the right environment for your most demanding of cloud native or traditional workloads. That means that with each cloud deployment, you can ensure that you are best meeting your specific business needs. From PowerEdge MX to PowerMax, PowerStore to the new PowerScale platform – all are featured in our pre-tested designs, which come with their own deployment guidance.


A seamless experience has become a requirement, and location is no longer an acceptable excuse.


Bringing Seamless Workload Experiences to Your Organization

A seamless experience has become a requirement, and location is no longer an acceptable excuse. Organizations today have all accepted that cloud is more than a place; it is an operating model. But at Dell Technologies, we recognize that the workload placement conversation is not completed by only discussing data center and cloud. As Jeff White covered this last month in his own Direct2DellEMC blog, the edge is more than a place too. That is why cloud is an integral part of both the full Dell EMC stack and our advance edge platforms. Dell Technologies helps you optimize your infrastructure as needed, by bringing continuity and familiarity to your team and end-users.

All of our advanced offerings are available with flexible payment options through Dell Technologies On Demand. And Dell Technologies On Demand also includes value-added services with ProDeploy, ProSupport and Managed Services, which can be paired with all financial consumption models offered. No matter the scale of your organization, Dell Technologies can help you create a seamless experience with the right technology for the outcomes you are working to achieve. Our powered-up portfolio will enable your organization to support those critical workloads and make any physical barriers invisible, so you can keep focused on meeting and exceeding expectations.

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