Rethinking the Data Age: The Relationship Between Data Management & Emerging Tech

Data is the foundation of all intelligent businesses, but evolving realities mean businesses require a higher level of data maturity and the right tech to achieve outcomes. Dell Technologies shows the way forward in this exclusive report.

According to the 2020 Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index, 93% of businesses face entrenched barriers to transformation. The top three barriers are data privacy and security concerns, lack of budget and resources, and the inability to extract valuable insights from data/information overload. Given that 89% of businesses recognise the need for a more agile/scalable IT infrastructure, they need to learn how to overcome these barriers with enhanced data management techniques – now.

Fortunately, emerging technologies are enabling organisations to shift from iteration to innovation and create new business and customer value with data. The question is, how do you bridge the gap between data and emerging tech to generate new value for your organisation?

The answer is simple: It’s time to rethink and modernise your data management strategy to ensure you’re set up to achieve better outcomes with emerging technologies, improve business outcomes and digitally differentiate.

In this new report from Dell Technologies, learn how to enhance your data management strategy the right way. Register now to receive the full report.

Key Insights

Five Trends Converging in the Data Era

Dell Technologies outline the top trends that are defining the data age, including emerging tech, exponential data growth, decentralised data, and more.

What’s Possible in the New Data Era

A decade ago, cloud computing was a novel technology. Now the cloud is ubiquitous, but we’re only just tapping in to the full potential of cloud and big data. Unlock the insights in the report.

By the Numbers: The Case for Data Management Maturity

In the new data era, simply being digital is no longer a differentiator. 83% of leaders at data-mature organisations claim that data management practices help improve customer experience. Data leaders also saw 52% more revenue than those with novice data management policies. Learn how to become a data leader today!

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