Dell Technologies’ The New Horizon: Predicting the Future of Technology in 2021

It’s no secret: without video conferencing tools, high internet speeds, and computers capable of handling individual-specific workloads, productivity in 2020 would have been nearly impossible. In short, technology has helped power work throughout the pandemic in a way we could never have done without it. The only question is, How will tech continue to evolve in 2021 – and what opportunities will it unlock?

In this edition of Dell Technologies’ The Next Horizon podcast series, John Roese, President and CTO of Products & Operations at Dell Technologies, joins host Kelly Lynch to share his views on several emerging technologies. Over the course of just half an hour, John and Kelly talked about mixed reality, hybrid cloud, edge computing, 5G, recreating human-to-human interaction, quantum computing, and so much more. For a whirlwind tour of all the tech to expect in 2021, check out the full podcast now.

“I think that there will be a ‘new normal,’ but I think human nature says we’re going to oscillate back and forth, we’re going to over-rotate back into the real-world and then we’re going to spin back into the virtual world. I’m particularly interested to see how we’ll handle that.” said John towards the end of the podcast.

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