Dell Technologies: Creating the Hybrid CIO

Increasing agility and productivity in the workforce requires an integration of modern technologies.

Digital transformation is no longer an option but an essential.

Today’s CIO needs to juggle between C-Suite expectation and cost whilst leveraging emerging technologies to meet unique business goals.

By 2020 it’s expected that 100% of IT roles will require proficiency in business acumen to effectively deliver digitalisation.  

Key insights

Creating a connected CIO

Explore insight into 5 key characteristics of the hybrid CIO

Why a digitally transformed business matters

Identify common IT goals prevalent among CIOs and how these can be used to support business unit users and improve customer experience.

Transforming Workforces

Increasing agility and productivity among employees. CIO’s ensuring they provide the right resources and training.

Protecting your organisations security

Focusing on building resilient secure infrastructure, advanced and adaptable security operations and business risk management.