Forecasting the Future of Connected Living

Forecasting the Future of Connected Living

The gap between humans and machines is shrinking. Everything around us is becoming more and more connected, and over the next decade the pace of connection is set to increase. 

As this happens, the organisations that succeed will be those that can power a symbiosis between machines and humans. But without a clear understanding of emerging technologies and the dilemmas around their use, organisations won’t be able to fully capitalise on digitisation before 2030. 

Dell Technologies recently partnered with the Institute for the Future to examine what the world will look like in 2030. Drawing on insights from a global consortium of experts and 4,600 senior decision-makers from over 40 countries, Dell’s new report details how the future will change, including insights on: 

Key insights

Edge Computing


Artificial Intelligence

Extended Reality (XR)

Internet of Things