Digital Transformation Through Automation

The business agility series from Dell Technologies continues with an analysis of the role automation is playing in the digital transformation of global brands. Download your copy now!

Automation is the tool that drives agility. It delivers significant value to businesses by helping to maximise the talent they currently have by eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks and allowing for the reallocation of precious resources to the development of new products. Not only that, automation also enables quicker business reactions, which means products and services can be delivered directly in response to market demands.

It’s with this in mind that Dell Technologies recently analysed the role of automation in digital transformation today. In this new report, Dell Technologies looked at the potential of automation to revolutionise the way businesses operate – and outlined a strategic, cloud-based approach to achieving automation. From infrastructure to data integration and even the opening up of systems to partners, this report will act as your introduction to automation and your first step to an optimised future.

“We’ve changed from a manual process to a computed process,” said Vishwas Chitale, CEO & CTO of Chitale Dairy. “Without that scalability, I don’t think we could do what we’ve done today.” Automation is an indispensable aspect of modern business – so when are you starting your journey?

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Key Insights

A Strategic, Cloud-Based Approach to Automation

Dell Technologies outlines a strategic cloud approach to automation in this new business agility report. Power your digital transformation through automation today!

One of the Most Important Goals for CIOs

The message is clear: automation is a top priority for CIOs looking to power digital transformation at their organisation. After all, according to GigaOm organisations get a $100 return over 5 years for every $1 spent on automation.

The Importance of Cloud Consistency

To truly automate, you’ll need to establish a consistent cloud infrastructure for your organisation. 67% of CIOs believe cloud consistency speeds time-to-market, and 69% believe increased cloud consistency reduces costs. It is integral to automation – find out why in the full report.

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