Establish Enterprise-Wide Agility for Your Business Without the Chaos

Dell Technologies’ Business Agility series comes to a close with a look into how to bring about enterprise-wide agility in a controlled and progressive way.

Make no mistake: operating in a hybrid cloud environment is transformative – and it’s essential to the next generation of business. Most enterprises already work with multiple clouds including public, private and hybrid. Yet when different parts of the business adopt their own cloud models without centralised coordination, it often results in the opposite of what was intended. Spiralling complexity, lack of control and increased costs soon follow.

But given that hybrid cloud is the key to business agility, today’s organisations must make this transformative leap without the chaos. Given that 74% of CIOs believe cloud consistency speeds innovation, product development and service delivery, now is the time to take control of your hybrid cloud environment.

In this closing report from Dell Technologies’ Business Agility series, ESG Research surveyed a selection of top organisations to understand the hybrid cloud complexities they experience. The second half of the report contains tips for breaking the cycle of cloud chaos. From unifying operational silos to automating processes, the solutions within provide a clear way forward for achieving enterprise-wide agility.

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Key Insights

Protect Against Cyber-Threats, Automate Processes, Unify Silos

In the final report on business agility, Dell Technologies outlines the major challenges facing organisations in the hybrid environment. And what the modern CIO can do about it…

What to Look for in a Successful Strategic Partnership

Across eight strategic areas, Dell Technologies outlined what it takes to find the right partner to accelerate enterprise growth and maintain competitive edge – while avoiding the chaos that can ensue from cloud sprawl. Find a trusted cloud partner with these insights.

The Benefits of Getting Control of Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Dell Technologies commissioned a new survey from ESG Research and uncovered a core set of benefits to eliminating complexities and cloud sprawl. See the results for yourself, including why 74% of CIOs see increasing infrastructure consistency as helping to enable cloud onboarding and migrations.

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