Helping to Build a Greener World

Taking a closer look at how technology can help businesses reduce carbon emissions and energy costs today is Dell Technologies. Uncover the future of sustainability in the tech sphere in this Guest Spotlight.

As parents, I think we all aspire to pass on a better world to our children. My three adore nature, whether it’s by the sea in Dublin where we live or running wild around the farm where I grew up. That’s one of the reasons, why I love to hear inspiring stories about how technology can help reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. It’s a story that resonates on many levels – it appeals emotionally but also makes sense from both environmental and business perspectives. At Dell Technologies, we believe that by harnessing innovation, we have more opportunity to make a positive difference to our world than ever before.


A Vision

Case in point, UK-based Hark had a vision to help businesses reduce their energy expenditure and carbon emissions. The Company invented the Hark Platform, a cloud-based monitoring system, which collects and analyses data on energy use from a range of existing, unconnected systems, including heating, ventilation air conditioning, power and lighting.

When Hark wanted to grow its business, it needed a hardware partner who could provide the right technology, deliver engineering support and scale globally to supply, configure, distribute and support the solution. It chose Dell Technologies OEM Solutions. By combining Hark’s IP with our Edge Gateways and sensors, we’ve partnered to create an automated energy management tool for business.


Good for Customers

The solution monitors energy demand, energy usage, power quality and voltage information, sending all the collected data to a virtual dashboard. This allows customers to analyse high energy consumption patterns in real-time and identify what preventative actions they can take to reduce usage. This could be as simple as switching off unnecessary lighting or equipment.

Customers can also monitor the performance of equipment to predict when repairs are needed and receive advance notice of potential failures. This allows convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance and minimises downtime. The results certainly speak for themselves. One of Hark’s retail clients has saved more than $1.3 million over the course of a year and is set to make similar savings annually.


At Dell Technologies, we believe that by harnessing innovation, we have more opportunity to make a positive difference to our world than ever before.


Good for Hark

What about Hark’s business? According to Jordan Appleson, CEO, the partnership with Dell Technologies OEM Solutions has allowed Hark to focus on its IP as well as opening doors and allowing the Company to approach larger enterprises. You can read more about what Jordan has to say on our partnership here.


Good for Our World

And, importantly, our environment benefits. I believe that solutions like Hark’s are crucial to managing energy in the new, net-zero carbon world, we are all moving towards. By partnering together, we can help protect our planet and deliver a better future for our kids. This is a story of innovation, of how technology can advance human progress and be a force for good.

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Olivia Hughes
Director Marketing, Dell Technologies OEM Solutions, EMEA

Olivia’s 15-year tenure at Dell Technologies has seen her lead marketing initiatives in the EMEA region for the OEM Division. In her latest role, she led the transition from traditional to digital marketing, promoting the value of OEM and generating significant new sales pipeline. Olivia was previously a Product Manager, and she also volunteers at Digital Futures Ireland, giving technology lectures to local secondary schools in Dublin.