Dell Technologies Luminaries: Achieving Clarity in a Cloudy World

Ready to dive into the world of cloud but don’t know where to begin? Cloud is transforming the way businesses around the world operate and should therefore be the core modernisation objective for any CIO/CTO. Although cloud is going through its own transformations, making it difficult to plot a clear way forward, Forrester reports that managing a multi-cloud world will be a company-wide number one issue by 2021. 

With the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence around the corner, organisations can’t afford to delay their cloud strategies any longer. Who better to shine a light on this most business-critical of issues than Deepak Patil, Senior Vice-President of Cloud Platform & Services at Virtustream and a founding member of Microsoft Azure?

As part of the ongoing Luminaries podcast series from Dell Technologies, Deepak draws on his experiences at Microsoft and Oracle – where he delivered Oracle’s infrastructure-as-a-service platform – to show why every organisation needs to evolve and become a digital organisation, powered by data.  

 Listen today to learn how to stay tech-relevant in an age of unprecedented change.  

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