The State of Digital Transformation for 2020 and Beyond

The state of digital transformation for 2020 and beyond 

Here it is: a new decade, and a new age for digital transformation. Only forward-thinking leaders will be able to make a success of the next ten years, which is why we surveyed a selection of the top thinkers in digital transformation. 

Download our conclusive report, brought to you by Dell Technologies, to gain a clear understanding of the current state of digital transformation. With this information, you’ll be able to craft a fool-proof transformation strategy that will bring you success in the 2020s. 

In the free report, just some of the insights you’ll discover include: 

Leaders of Transformation

35% of digital transformation projects are led by CEOs

What are the Barriers

25% of transformations are held back by a lack of expertise 

Transforming Workforces

70.6% of digital leaders believe enabling cultural change is the most important element of a successful transformation