Leveraging Publicly-Available Data Sources to Identify & Mitigate Crises 

When a crisis happens, information that is most up-to-date and contextually accurate is what security teams need. In this report, AI experts, Dataminr, surveyed security managers and related roles from across five continents to find out how they gather this information and reveal what can be improved.

As security leaders go into the new year, they face a bewildering array of challenges and opportunities. Workplace violence, man-made disasters, cyberattacks and employee accidents, all threaten to damage life and property and disrupt business. So, how are security leaders facing up to them?

In this detailed report, Dataminr answers that question. You’ll see why defining a crisis beforehand is crucial, where the main kinds of threat emanate from, and how security leaders are handling them. Most importantly, you’ll see how you can improve your own crisis response in the light of these findings. Download the full report now.


Not Understanding the Crisis Affects Decision Making: 
35% of those surveyed delayed decision making as they didn’t fully understand the situation. If you’re among this group, you can change your situation. See how in the report.

Social Media is Major Source of Insight:
Half of corporate security teams within the Fortune 100 companies use alternative data (like social media) as a core component of their incident response efforts. The report will show you why.

Start the Conversation Early for Budget:  
There are three ways to open up budget for investment in public data sourcing and analysis tool: Start the conversation early, build a strong business case and. . . download now to discover the third way in the report.  




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