How to improve your organisation’s resilience in the modern risk landscape

How do you build an organisation that can predict the unknown, control the unmanageable and succeed in even the toughest of times? This report from AI experts, Dataminr, is the perfect starting point to find out the answer.

In today’s world, the risk landscape can shift in the blink of an eye. The swiftness and gravity of these changes create extraordinary pressures for security leaders. With resources stretched thin, they often struggle to foresee, assess and respond to all possible threats.  

Inside this report, you’ll see how business resilience can offer a much-needed jumping-off point. From here, you can address the problems of organisational culture, build and execute detailed crisis response playbooks and redefine risk management. Finally, you’ll see how to benefit from technology like AI and geovisualisation. Download the report now.


Building resilience helps your business thrive during tough times:  
Sales fell by 50% for a fourth of global businesses. Yet, those who withstood the blow returned to their previous levels of sales, while others even boosted their productivity – and you can do the same.

Business resilience requires four key capabilities:
The ability to prepare, anticipate, detect and . . . You can find the fourth in the full report. Together, they’ll make your organisation dynamic, secure and always on the front foot.

To create consensus, communicate: 
Creating consensus and synergy around business resilience within the board, security leaders must communicate strategic information. But what qualifies as strategic? The answer is just a click away.




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