Predicting High-Impact Events to Unlock Your Crisis Advantage

Being the first to know when a crisis is about to happen can transform your response. But how can you make sure that know first? AI experts, Dataminr, have the answer in this insightful guide.

Globally, the time lag between the first signs of a crisis and peak public interest is about 23 hours and 13 minutes — nearly an entire day. Despite this delay, why do so many enterprises get blindsided by crises and falter in their response?  

The answer is simple. They lack the resources to tap into the right information, quickly.  

In this useful guide from Dataminr, you’ll see how the most forward-thinking minds in security have already solved this problem. Their solution relies, not on secret knowledge, but on publicly available data that anyone can access. Download the guide to unlock your crisis advantage and join the growing league of resilient enterprises. 


Control the Narrative by Getting Ahead of News Channels:  
On average, major news channels publish the first report on a crisis 15 hours and 29 minutes after it happens. You can turn this delay to your advantage. 

Get the Full Picture of a Crisis Through Multiple Sources:
An evolving crisis can be extremely difficult to quantify, especially for small teams. But when you leverage thousands of public sources, you can identify the situation rapidly.

Streamline Your Response Protocol and Communication: 
The biggest challenge during an active crisis is in seamlessly orchestrating your response across locations and stakeholders. The full report shows how you can stop the ‘contagion of panic’ from spreading.  




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Predicting High-Impact Events to Unlock Your Crisis Advantage

Knowing about a crisis, even just a few minutes earlier than others, can make a world of difference in security. Use this Dataminr guide to unlock the crisis advantage.