Learn from the Best: How Leading Companies Are Excelling at Business Spend Management

Every organisation can make the most of their business spend management strategy – no matter where they are on their journey. This brand-new guide from Coupa draws on leading businesses’ successes to explore how. Download your copy to access the insights today.

There are countless ways companies across industries and countries are benefitting from Business Spend Management (BSM) platforms to accelerate business value. Successful companies share a set of BSM best practices that are seeing them soar to pole position in their industries — and you can get there too.

Involvement from stakeholders and leadership teams is key to monitoring success metrics, aligning disparate functions of the business, and keeping information out of silos. On a people and resourcing level, successful companies stay in the lead by assigning dedicated BSM system admins to perform maintenance and support and educate users.

Top performers are even leveraging BSM to drive wider business transformation — from championing an active change management program to tracking successes and challenges to striving for continuous improvement.

This exclusive research-based report reveals all the tested and proven ways of driving spend management success at your organisation. Access the insights by downloading your copy today.


Spend Management Findings from Globally Leading Companies  
Access the report to find out which organisational and technical tools leading organisations are employing to maximise value from their business spend strategy.

Plan for Ongoing Change with BSM
BSM is a cornerstone of success in a world of fluctuating requirements and tightening regulations. Discover how successful organisations are leveraging BSM as an essential tool to manage and sustain value through change.

Tap Into Community-Sourced Intelligence  
Explore how leaders across industries are successfully identifying and onboarding risk-free suppliers with the help of community-informed insights. 



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Learn from the Best: How Leading Companies Are Excelling at Business...

Coupa explore best practices for leveraging Business Spend Management strategies to drive growth in this exclusive report. Download it today to learn from examples set by globally leading companies.