Work 2035: How People & Technology Will Pioneer New Ways of Working

In order to shape the future, we must first imagine it. See what will happen to the world of work over the next 15 years with Citrix’s in-depth analysis and report.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to revolutionise their ways of working and brought the future of work to the forefront of every business’s plans. Remote work has become the “new normal,” and companies are making it part of their long-term strategies to ensure business continuity.

But this huge strategic leap has necessitated a complete shift in thinking about how employees work, where they work, and how they work with one another. To paint a clearer picture of the road ahead, digital workspace leaders Citrix investigated how work is changing across the US and Europe.

The Citrix team asked some of the world’s most respected academics, business leaders and employees to join them in imagining what the future of work might look like in 2035. They asked about the opportunities and threats it might hold. How people and technology may work together to generate value. And what business and government can do now to effect change and thrive in the world of tomorrow.

In the report, learn about the expanding Freelance Frontier, how productivity will become supercharged, and the role automation will play in increasing what is possible. Download now to learn more about how top thought leaders think the world of work will evolve – and start your preparations today.


The Four New Worlds of Work in 2035
Freelance Frontier. Platform Plugins. Powered Productives. Automation Corporations. These are the four pillars of Citrix’s report. Unlock the insights today.

The Technology Tipping Point
When will organisations generate more revenue from technology and AI than human workers? Citrix asked the world’s professionals for their opinions, and what to do about it.

Most Leaders Anticipate AI Will Be Commonplace in 2035
Productivity-boosting technology will be commonplace by 2035, according to business leaders. But employees disagree. See the statistics for yourself and how the world of work will evolve as automation advances in the next 15 years.



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