How to Thrive in the New Sustainability Era

Remote work specialists Citrix demonstrate how companies can thrive in the sustainability era. Download the full report now and ensure your organisation becomes truly sustainable.

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world in 2020, remote working emerged as one of the best ways for companies to continue operations while keeping employees safe. But remote working had another benefit: nitrogen dioxide levels have plummeted and smog has cleared in many urban areas.

With many employees working from home, companies have seen their sustainability credentials skyrocket. They have realised that maintaining a remote working operation after the pandemic, to whatever degree, can help reduce emissions and their company’s carbon footprint.

But this is just the first step. HR departments are now looking to see how they can capitalise on these sustainability gains. They are looking to move from inefficient, on-premises data centres to renewable, cloud-based solutions and by empowering device flexibility so employees can work where they like, how they like.

In this new report from Citrix, learn how to make further gains on sustainability within your organisation, powered by both HR and IT departments. Make sure your organisation is part of the vanguard of corporate environmentalism sweeping the world – and build a sustainable HR operation today.


Key Insights

HR Is Empowering Sustainability

In a recent Citrix survey of over 500 large companies, 75% have implemented Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies that commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A revolution in HR lies at the heart of this – is your company keeping with the times?

The Average Commuter Travels 18 Miles to Work

And transportation is responsible for a pivotal 14% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting commuting, especially when organisations have the power to enable remote working, is a quick win for your sustainability plans.

Wear Your Sustainability Credentials with Pride

Allowing 1,000 employees to work from home just two days per week would reduce annual commuting mileage by over 1 million miles, reducing the carbon dioxide generated by staff commuting by 40%. Simple measures, big gains – for your brand and the planet.

But How Do I Build an Efficient Remote Working Operation?

Citrix demonstrates how to thrive in the sustainability era, and remote working plays a pivotal role in allowing that to happen. Combine those efforts with mass migration to renewable-powered off-prem data centres and a device agnostic approach to digital collaboration, and your team can work from anywhere. Learn more in the full report.



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