Three Principles to Guide Your Employee Experience Strategy

Everyone knows that Employee Experience (EX) matters, but many leaders struggle to express exactly why it’s so critical for success, or how to nurture it. Citrix investigate in this in-depth report on EX strategies.

Creating the conditions for employees to drive innovation and delight customers is something few organisations have the entire recipe to achieve. But in the post-pandemic era, with so many employees working remotely, EX has become one of the defining competitive traits of major companies.

After surveying 783 decision-makers in HR, IT, and Real Estate in five major economies (and across multiple sectors), Citrix learned that even digitally mature organisations lack a precise understanding of the impact technology and physical spaces have on employee work experience.

Without this vital understanding, how can business leaders steer towards EX maturity? By infusing just three principles into your organisation’s operating model. These include empowering individual progress, deepening empathy from human insights, and partnering to foster linked and shared EX ownership. This is the way to champion revolutionary changes in EX today.

In this extensive report from digital workspace leaders Citrix, uncover a guiding set of principles to power your EX transformation. You’ll learn how to lay the foundations for a more effective hybrid work strategy based on these principles, shaping culture and both physical and digital spaces of your business. It’s time to form one cohesive working environment.


A Global Survey of EX Maturity  
Citrix surveyed over 780 decision-makers from the world’s leading organisations, with insights gathered in the US, UK, Singapore, Japan and Germany. Uncover their findings and exclusive insights from leading figures in the EX space.

Define What EX Maturity Looks Like for You
Drawing on interviews with EX practitioners, you’ll learn to identify how well your current EX strategy is performing – and see how to kickstart your roadmap to full EX success.

Engaged Employees Produce Compelling Outcomes  
EX is undoubtedly important, but it’s not often that business leaders can point towards positive outcomes that justify investments in EX. Utilise this report to build an inarguable case for your EX strategy.



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