Sustainability Through Community: The Key to a Sustainable Business Model

Businesses’ social responsibility to increase their sustainable efforts is at an all -time high, but the transformation required to fulfil this is complex and takes long-standing enterprise commitment. Workplace experience leaders, Citrix, are aiming to change this by spotlighting what it takes to build a new, sustainable business model in this latest report.

In 2016 the United Nations released a total of 17 sustainable development goals. They outlined that it’s the job of whole communities, that means people, cities, businesses, IT teams, employees, and customers to all begin changing the way we do things to contribute towards a healthier planet.

Although this is hardly new information, there is still an underlying reluctancy amongst enterprise leaders who equate emission reduction with business sacrifice. From flexible work ethics, to enabling green cloud environments, and even being aware of device life cycles, this new report from Citrix is here to show the way with industry-leading by examples. It shows how, if actioned correctly, increasing sustainability to support future generations can and will simultaneously increase real business value and growth.


Sustainability Driven Directly by IT  
IT consumption is one of the primary sources of emissions. Find out what IT practices you can use to help reduce your annual emissions by downloading the full report.

Grow Greener, Grow Your Business
With 81% of global consumers feeling strongly that more companies should help sustain the environment, undertaking sustainable practices will build brand reputation and engage and retain both employees and customers.

Ease the Need to Commute  
Citrix seeks to reduce employee commuting by 40%. Read on for more of Citrix’s actions in their sustainable mode of work right in the exclusive report.



How Can You Improve Sustainability at Your Organisation?

In a new spotlight series, we’re working with Citrix to bring you insights on how tech leaders can implement sustainable transformation at their organisations. You can learn more about building for a greener future right here, right now.

Sustainability Through Community: The Key to a Sustainable Business Model

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