The Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy Roundtable

In a recent roundtable, Citrix hosted 25 senior bankers to talk sustainability and climate change strategy. In this report summary, they discuss IT and green initiatives, flexible working, customer and investor influence and more. Submit the form to view the full summary.

Looking towards a greener future for financial services, how can pain points around data’s resource cost be addressed in an efficient and viable way? The round table participants highlight several key issues and opportunities for development within financial services data.

From a systems and process perspective, noteworthy topics included the inefficiencies of data centers, the challenges of a lack of global legislative standards for data collection and processing, and regulations and risk management.

On the human side, the increased client and customer demand for a sustainability agenda, remote and flexible working, and employees and culture are unpacked in search of practical solutions.

Get your hands on the report summary for their insights.


Flexible Work Is Green Work
With fewer people commuting into offices each day, businesses can take advantage of their home-based workforce to almost half their carbon footprint. See how businesses are working greener in the full report.

Data Centre Modernisation Is Key
For data centers still processing with CPUs and GPUs, their energy expenditure and associated costs can be drastically reduced. Download the full report to see where other leaders are heading.

Sustainability Is Becoming a Brand Opportunity 
Sustainability agendas, and proving that they’re being followed through, are proving to be a major factor for all human interaction. See why going green will help your brand in the report.

Data Regulation Enabling Green Processing
Sporadic data collection can scupper the effectiveness and efficiency of analytics and storage. See what can be done to overcome this hurdle in the full report.



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