The State of Remote Work

Learn how to build a remote work strategy for the long-term, create a culture to support a distributed workforce, and rethink your technology usage with this new report from Citrix.

The ways in which we work have changed drastically in recent years – and perhaps never so much as in the last year. Digital transformation and emerging technologies have empowered people with the ability to stay connected in an age of social distancing. Companies have had to accelerate their adoption of emerging technologies to bring people together across regions and time zones in ways that weren’t even imaginable a few years ago.

And that’s a good thing. Because global disruptions, shifting marketplaces, and other unexpected situations have created a need for flexibility and new ways of working. But enabling remote work remains one of the critical transformations that every relevant business must undergo. Some are finding it difficult to transition.

Overcome those difficulties and build a remote working strategy you can rely on with this new report from Citrix. It provides a road map for getting remote work right, covering strategy, culture and technology. Download your free copy today and ensure your organisation thrives today, tomorrow and in the future.


Build a Remote Work Strategy for the Long-Term
Remote working is now part-and-parcel of the entire way that businesses operate. But have you prepared your company for long-term remote working? Start your journey here.

Create a Culture for All Employees to Thrive
On the face of it, creating a coherent company culture could seem impossible without a physical space to bring your team together. Citrix demonstrates how you can carve out a culture for a distributed workforce.

Rethink the Role of Technology in the Future of Work
Emerging technologies have been changing the face of work for years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has given companies the push they needed to adopt more. Rethink your company’s embrace of technology.



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