It’s Just Good Business: How Sustainability Can Start with IT

Sustainability is now top of the agenda for many of the world’s foremost businesses and enterprises. But where do you begin with your own green initiatives? And what role can the IT function play? Citrix answers all in this new report.

Business leaders today are well aware that their company’s reputation is now tied to their perceived performance on social and environmental issues. But making gains in areas of sustainability can be easier said than done. How do you identify key areas for improvement? How do you roll out those green initiatives across the business?

Every department faces these kinds of questions as we move forwards, but perhaps no other enterprise function has as much clout as the modern IT leader. Through technological transformation of the business, IT leaders are unlocking new possibilities for bringing greener working practices to the business, including by moving key digital services to the cloud and data centres powered by renewable energy. But we also see possibilities in the new remote working revolution that has taken the world by storm since 2020, which drastically cut the carbon footprint of commuting.

In this new report from Innovators Citrix, you’ll read more about this and much more. You’ll find out where organisations can find those people who are most driven to call for a more sustainable IT and make it happen. And you’ll see key statistics that demonstrate why IT sustainability is just good business. Download the full report now for more.


89.28% of Large Organisations Prioritise Sustainability 
Asked how highly they ranked sustainability as a priority, organisations of all shapes and sizes ranked it as a high or medium priority – with 9/10 large organisations prioritising it.

Time for the IT Department to Step Up
Likewise, 9/10 organisations believe their IT departments can help them become more sustainable. Discover more and build your business case for transforming your business through a sustainability lens.

What Technologies Will Help Your Sustainability Strategy?
See how emerging technologies can help your organisation to build a new way of working. A way that’s better for your people, society and the planet. After all, sustainability is just good business.



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