Single Sign-on: The Way It Should Be

How to deliver seamless access to all apps while improving security and the user experience

They’re supposed to reduce management costs and provide better security and a user experience. However, some Single Sign-On (SSO) limitations force you to implement several solutions from different vendors.

This ebook from Citrix shows how you can unify all apps and data across your distributed IT architecture, to provide SSO in a way that keeps your business productive:

How to connect to network resources from remote locations 

Give employees to all apps using MicroVPN technology for a secure connection.

Gain granular control of SaaS apps

Discover how to secure apps in a way that doesn’t negatively impact productivity.

Controlling user identities

Explore how to keep your user directory on-premises, using a secure trusted token for authentication.

Seamless integration with your existing environment

Discover ways Citrix Workspace enhances security with contextual access and maintains optimum usability with SSO where appropriate.

End-to-end visibility

Find out risk indicators and criteria to help detect user anomalies.

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