Ransomware: Four Ways to Protect Data Now

How to thwart digital extortion using a multilayered approach to reduce exposure and recover encrypted data more quickly and effectively

Ransomware attacks continue to be a major cyber security threat to organisations, with some analysts now rating it the most popular form of malware. This Citrix white paper shows the four methods that will minimise ransomware threats and help recover quickly if there is a breach.

You’ll find expert analysis covering topics such as virtualization, enterprise mobility management and enterprise file synchronisation. Everything is geared towards showing how to insulate computers, tablets, smartphones and other endpoints against ransomware infection.

Ways to kidnap-proof your data

Publish virtualised, sandboxed and hardened browsers

Explore ways to introduce a layer between your corporate environment and the internet, to shield the trusted computer and its data from attack.

Publish a virtualised, sandboxed, and hardened email client

Find out how to deliver a virtual email client to protect against infection via email links and
attachments – by native client or web-based email.

Protect mobile devices against attack with containerisation

Discover methods that create a separate container on the smartphone or tablet for business data and corporate apps, centralising management, security and control for apps, data and settings – without interfering with any personal content.

Provide a secure and robust enterprise data sync and sharing service

View how organisations are keeping data out of reach of ransomware – without impeding productivity. This approach also means your data can be stored, managed, secured and accessed elsewhere — while still appearing as if it resides locally.

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