Positive Employee Experiences & Enhanced Cybersecurity Are One & the Same

Employee experiences have taken centrestage of organisational strategy since remote working took hold. In a new guest spotlight, Saša Petrović of Citrix shows how cybersecurity and a positive employee experience can work hand-in-hand…

Did you know that less than half of remote employees are receiving proper internet security training? That’s according to a report I saw recently from GetApp, following a survey they conducted at the beginning of the year. 

The global pandemic may have changed things slightly since then, but because companies had to respond rapidly to global lockdowns back in March, I doubt that cybersecurity has taken top priority.

Employee Experience Now Major Differentiator

But it doesn’t need to be that way. In The New Employee Experience survey Citrix ran with the Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, we found that 75% of respondents said they expect to see high or outstanding financial benefits from their investments in new technologies that boost employee experience. 

Employee experience is becoming the major differentiator of successful companies today. Fortunately, when companies prioritise employee experience, they make it easier to enhance security, too. The aim is to protect users and your infrastructure while ensuring they have access to the apps and data they need to get their job done. If theres a breach, employees can’t get their job done and all the hard work you’ve done to create an improved employee experience will be for nothing. 


We found that 75% of respondents said they expect to see high or outstanding financial benefits from their investments in new technologies that boost employee experience.


Secure Access & Better Training Are the Ways Forward

IT leaders should prioritise secure access as they continue to build a remote working operation to suit the needs of their business. They should also make greater effort to train employees in best practice IT security to secure the enterprise, especially given that social engineering attacks are on the rise 

But what do you think? Should organisations prioritise security over collaboration and innovation in these uncertain times? 


About Our Guest Writer

Saša Petrović
Solution Strategist, Citrix

In his role as a Solution Strategist, Saša supports the CxOs and senior management of large enterprises to overcome the challenges posed by ever-changing and increasingly complex ecosystems. He focuses on creating a sustainable, long-term strategy in accordance to their visions and industry trends. He draws on his Enterprise Architecture background to lead his clients towards innovation while ensuring the cultural aspects are reflected to enable people to adapt to change.