A Market Guide to Zero Trust Network Access from Gartner

An increased focus by end-user organisations on zero-trust strategies is accelerating interest and investment in zero trust network access (ZTNA), with CIOs and CISOs understanding its potential to provide a more secure, flexible hybrid workforce. In this market guide, Gartner analyses the state of ZTNA and provides vital recommendations…

Traditional VPN technologies no longer cut it when it comes to securing the enterprise. IT leaders and CISOs require more contextual, risk-based and least privilege access to applications from their security infrastructure. Zero trust is proving to be the answer to their troubles. But what are the implications of bringing zero trust technology like ZTNA to your enterprise? What is the state of the ZTNA market?

In this recent report from Gartner, analysts looked at what the increased focus by end-user organisations on zero trust strategies is having on the market. They assessed how and why IT leaders should implement ZTNA and outlined key recommendations for succeeding with it.

Unlock your free copy of Gartner’s report now to learn about the current ZTNA landscape – and how you can bring this technology to your enterprise.


All the Benefits & Uses of ZTNA in One Place
With immediate benefits to gain from ZTNA, the only question is how will you use it? Gartner analysts outline several use cases that lend themselves to ZTNA right here.

Overcome Lingering Risks Post-ZTNA Implementation
While ZTNA reduces overall risk, some risks can never be truly eliminated. Find out the remaining risks, post-ZTNA implementation, to better protect your enterprise.

What Should Security & Risk Management Leaders Do with ZTNA?
In a handy summary from Garner’s analysts, learn what every risk management leader and CISO responsible for infrastructure security should do with ZTNA. Download your copy now.



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