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Climate change has forced companies of every size to rethink how they operate as they chase sustainability goals. But one area that doesn’t get the attention it should is the IT function. Citrix is hoping to change that.

To gain a deeper understanding of the state of IT sustainability strategies, Citrix invited Sustainability and IT executives to contribute their insights to a brand-new thought leadership series.

Get all the insights from the campaign by downloading the industry report or listening in to the podcast panel discussion below.

It’s time to change the future for the better, starting with IT.

EXCLUSIVE REPORT AVAILABLE NOW and Citrix interviewed a selection of sustainability thought leaders on how businesses can power sustainability and transformation plans. Report available now!


In a first-of-its-kind panel discussion on The Show, we brought together a selection of top thought leaders on sustainability to share their thoughts on how technology is powering a green revolution in business. Listen to the full podcast now.

Dr James Robey met with us to talk about how sustainability leaders are driving change we need to limit the worst impacts of climate change in this edition of The Show EXTRA. Listen now!

Fast fashion is highly unsustainable, but Jodi Muter-Hamilton is trying to find a technological solution to improve the sector’s green credentials. Listen to our full interview now.

We spoke to Tanya Spee about the Vattenfall Solar Team’s inspiring project to design, build and race a solar-powered car as a means of promoting more sustainable ways of thinking in this exclusive episode of The Show EXTRA.


Businesses’ responsibility to accelerate sustainable solutions is increasing, and rightly so. In this report, Citrix provide an in-depth look at new models of business and resources needed to address climate change.

As the Green Future Index proves, new modes of work are not just more convenient. They can meaningfully address climate change. Citrix discuss the implications in this guest post.

Monica Gonzalez, Sustainability Marketing Associate at Citrix, looks at how flexible working could help drastically reduce emissions and help enterprises meet sustainability goals.

In this quick-read article, Citrix examines four key ways that cloud-powered transformation can help IT leaders achieve their sustainability goals.

Build back better with this unique report from Citrix and power a sustainable IT operation for your company via remote working and data centres. Download your free copy today!

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