Freedom of Work: A Blueprint for the Future of Work

Innovators Citrix cast their eyes on the future of work with this investigation into the Freedom of Work, the best way for a business to survive a crisis. Download your free copy today.

The world has changed, perhaps irrevocably. Now, businesses have an opportunity to change the way we work for the better and to effect a complete revolution in the workplace. The global pandemic provided the impetus many businesses needed to accelerate much-needed transformations. And a new Freedom of Work is dawning.

The Freedom of Work, as outlined by Citrix, is the best route for businesses to survive a crisis. Freedom can act as a safety net when times get rough and as a mantra to thrive in a recovery. Citrix believes that human-focused redefinition of ‘work’ combined with human-empowering technology will free employees to not only be more productive, but be the catalysts of greater innovation and growth.

In this new report, gain a better understanding of how reframing and rethinking an approach to your business’s future will power your drive to survive crises and thrive. You’ll see how to redefine how your business does ‘work’ in a fast-changing world while staying in control and being a true leader. Furthermore, you’ll gain a better understanding of the unique, powerful and empowering combination of technology and human-first thinking – and what this means for your business’s future success.

Download your free copy of Citrix’s exclusive report today.


We Need to Embrace New Behaviours
A brave new world lies ahead of us. One where the ‘office’ is no longer the focal point for some. One where distance in the place of work will mean adopting new sets of behaviours. Break the pattern of centuries of working practices now and create something more productive, more powerful and more human.

Opportunity Created by the Power of ‘One’
The Freedom of Work empowers employees to be the greatest crowd-source of solutions for the future. Not just powering productivity, but empowering innovation. This will challenge many mainstream views of leadership. Leaders will need to both lead from the centre and from the front. Learn more about this twin-axis of knowledge-share and vision.

This Is the Freedom of Work
According to McKinsey, “The Pandemic could give rise to a new era of human development. Otherwise, economic and social development may falter for decades.” Ensure your organisation maintains its forward-thinking approach and is prepared for the future and download your free copy of Citrix’s report today.

People Are Ready & Willing to Change
Only 9% of respondents to a Forbes investigation wanted life to return back to pre-crisis ‘normal’. If surveys are conducted around the world, it is likely that similar levels of discontentment with the pre-Covid world would emerge. The time for change is now.



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