How Flexible Work Supports Sustainability Initiatives

As part of a new drive, Citrix is focusing on how technology can be utilised to meet sustainability goals. Monica Gonzalez, Sustainability Marketing Associate at Citrix, discusses how flexible working may help with ESG Manager, Keith Littlejohn, for this guest spotlight.

Citrix technology helps organizations around the world provide employees the flexibility they need to work anywhere, on any device, while reducing energy consumption and supporting sustainability initiatives. In his role as Senior Sustainability and ESG Manager, Citrix’s Keith Littlejohns focuses on Citrix’s global sustainability strategy, reporting and performance. For Earth Day 2021, we talked to Keith about sustainability at Citrix and how we’re helping our customers along their own journeys toward sustainability.

What Does Sustainability Mean at Citrix?

Citrix enables business efficiency by giving people the ability to work from anywhere, on any device, on any network. This can dramatically decrease the greenhouse gas emissions associated with employee commuting and client computing. With 100 million users in more than 100 countries, Citrix believes that sustainability at scale is one of our biggest opportunities. But we’re also interested in the wider knock-on effects of remote work and how our solutions allow people to do their best work, nurturing more sustainable lifestyles and helping people to feel fulfilled professionally and personally.

How Can You Improve Sustainability at Your Organisation?

In a new spotlight series, we’re working with Citrix to bring you insights on how tech leaders can implement sustainable transformation at their organisations. You can learn more about building for a greener future right here, right now.

Why Is Sustainability Important to an Organization’s Business Operations?

Because the climate crisis is an emergency, the risks to corporations are immense, and to keep global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius requires businesses and governments to act swiftly with an all-encompassing response. Our software provides a unique opportunity to not only enable business efficiency on a vast scale, but also help our customers meet their own carbon reduction goals, and Citrix solutions can help them transition away from more energy-intensive practices.

What Are the Objectives and Goals of Citrix’s Sustainability Efforts?

In terms of our direct environmental impact, we are constantly improving how we measure, track, and reduce carbon emissions, and we have recently set an ambitious new target — to reduce emissions by 30 percent by 2030. Ultimately, we see an even greater opportunity to better quantify our customers’ carbon emissions that Citrix solutions help to avoid, and we are starting to improve our measurement and reporting sophistication in this area.

Because the climate crisis is an emergency, the risks to corporations are immense. Businesses and governments must act swiftly with an all-encompassing response.

Keith Littlejohns
Senior Sustainability & ESG Manager, Citrix

Headshot Keith Littlejohns Citrix

How Have Sustainability Efforts Added Value to Citrix?

In many ways! At a high level, our sustainability efforts help us focus on the evolving risks and opportunities to our business. For example, as governments and businesses around the world continue to pivot toward advancing a low-carbon economy, Citrix’s value proposition becomes more apparent and the opportunities for the company to contribute to such shared objectives increases. Day to day, our efforts help us to meaningfully engage with our employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders on key issues. Our sustainability programs also help us advance more efficient practices across the company, from real estate and facilities to product engineering.

How Are We Helping Our Customers on Their Sustainability Journey?

As companies around the world re-evaluate long-term work models, and the shift toward asynchronous, flexible work continues, Citrix can fulfill its customers’ evolving needs while simultaneously helping advance sustainability goals. These are not competing priorities. They’re interlinked, hugely important trends that can significantly reduce carbon emissions at scale. At the employee level, the power of remote work solutions goes further still, expanding what it means to be productive and opening doors to wider societal and health benefits, in addition to the environmental sustainability advantages.

Learn more about sustainability at Citrix and how we help to power a better way to work.



Monica Gonzalez
Sustainability Marketing Associate, Citrix

Monica helps to promote Citrix’s work in the sustainability sector. Her primary role is as Social Impact Vanguard, where she oversees focus on sustainability, Women@Work and ESG marketing. Monica has been a part of the Citrix team for almost a decade, but previously worked at Newport News Shipyard.

Keith Littlejohns
Senior Sustainability & ESG Manager, Citrix

After graduating from the Universities of the West of England and Westminster, Keith Littlejohns began his career at Brewin Dolphin as a Project Analyst. He moved, via Blackrock, to the Carbon Disclosure Project in 2009 and has since been a champion of sustainability. Keith joined Citrix after an almost nine-year tenure at Addison. He now plays a key role in steering Citrix’s sustainability initiatives.