Back to the Office: Ensuring Safe Workspaces After Covid-19

Learn how to build a remote work strategy for the long-term, create a culture to support a distributed workforce, and rethink your technology usage with this new report from Citrix.

Covid-19 uprooted much of the world as we knew it, and fundamentally and permanently changed how and where we work. Without much time to prepare, offices were thrust into unprecedented closures. For companies with the technology and a strong remote work culture already in place, the transition was less disruptive. But for those without it, the pivot has required a massive adjustment.

Now, as we start to re-emerge and begin to tentatively step into a post-pandemic future, organisations understand that going back to the office will be anything but normal. Companies will need to put employee safety first, adopting a flexible, hybrid approach to reopening. Most importantly, strong leadership and appropriate, powerful technology will be more important than ever.

In this new report from global tech leaders Citrix, discover how to plot your company’s safe return to the office. Across HR, legal, facilities, IT, culture, and employee wellness, you’ll learn how to get your workforce back to the office. Download today!


Key Insights

Create Collaborative & Effective Digital Spaces

Remote working and digital spaces will continue to play vital roles in the return to the office. Ensure your company has the right balance to accelerate the transition.

Put Your Employees & Positive Experiences First

Employees won’t be able to do their best work unless they feel safe. By identifying moments that might feel uncertain to employees upon re-entry, you can ease the transition back to the office. Learn how in the full report.

Take a Blended Approach to Going Back to the Office

Heading back into the office will take a concerted effort across your entire organisation. See what areas you’ll need to focus on most to make sure your team can safely return.



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