The C-Suite & Sustainability: A Symbiotic Relationship for a Green Future

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We live in a pivotal era. The human-influenced climate crisis is causing the Earth’s climate to change in unprecedented ways, with extreme weather events now more common than ever.

But there is hope that we can halt and reverse this precipitous decline into climate crisis. Governments and business are working to bring sustainability and transformation plans to fruition to power a green revolution that mitigates the most harmful effects of climate change.

To learn more, and Citrix interviewed a selection of C-level thought leaders about where the private sector should turn its attention to when accelerating sustainability initiatives. Across production, fashion, supply chains, IT, working practices and culture, this is where the climate fightback begins.

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Dr Ahmad Karnama
Executive Chairman, Ween Energy AB

Dr James Robey Capgemini

Dr James Robey
Global Head of Sustainability, Capgemini


Jodi Muter-Hamilton
Other day

Mark Stead with bg

Mark Stead
Moet Hennessy



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Ultimately, sustainability has to be driven from the top. The CEO has to take a personal responsibility for setting the agenda. In terms of a practical perspective, it’s about having the right sponsorship. It’s about having the right people in your governance team.

Dr James Robey
Global Head of Sustainability, Capgemini

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