For digital leaders: Building the digital workspace

Industry report shines a light on how to become a digital workspace leader in your organisation

Oxford Economics worked with Citrix to survey 600 business and IT executives around the world and across industries to measure their progress toward digital work. Now you can use this report to boost your transformation programs and benchmark your organisation.

The results show that digital workplace strategies drive improved performance, though most organisations still need to update their strategies and practices; few respondents have done enough to change technology, policies, or culture to capitalise on these transformational developments:

The rise of the Digital Workspace Leader

Find out why certain organisations are performing at a higher level than their peers – and how you can also gain competitive advantage. Themes include integrated strategies for mobility, supporting off-site work, and putting the right metrics in place.

Mobile strategy at an inflection point

Why some organisations have (until now) taken an ad hoc approach to mobile technology, and why big changes are on the way within 3 years.

How to rebuild processes for digital work

Take a deep dive into the successful strategies – and the pitfalls to avoid – when it comes to transforming processes, security, procedures, and culture.

Securing the digital workforce

View the top challenges for digitally evolving your organisation, with a focus on bridging the quality of security with business performance.

Preparing for next-generation mobility

Gain insight into the Digital Workspace Leader approach to emerging technologies, where business needs drive adoption and the primary use case is for internal processes.

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