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Hybrid working is here to stay – and so are the new challenges it has presented.
Overcome these and many more experience-related issues with this new series of business-critical insights and networking events from Citrix.


What are employees expecting from their working environments? A whole new experience, driven by a virtual and connected workspace.


The distributed workforce has meant a drastic increase in the attack surface. But how can you re-secure the enterprise while maintaining a seamless experience?

How Is the C-Suite Transforming the Hybrid Working Environment?


Remote Collaboration that Breeds Innovation

Explore the surprising relationship between collaboration, innovation, and remote work. Feat. Anna Lopatukhina, Jessica Reeder, and Rob Cross. Listen now!

How can Enterprise Leaders Participate in the New Era of Hyper-Innovation?

The pandemic has unleashed an exciting new wave of enterprise creativity and innovation. Read to find out how you can be a part of it.

Three Ways IT Leaders Can Prepare for the Next-Gen Workforce

Prepare the IT function for the next generation of employees and what they'll expect with this new and exclusive report from thought leaders Citrix.

How to Build a Hybrid Model That Strengthens — Not Stifles — Innovation

The same technologies and tactics that made hybrid work scalable are now driving innovation. Read to find out how you can drive innovation.

Why Digital Modernisation & Enhancing Employee Experience Works Better Together

Grasping the frictionless office of the future has become indispensable to businesses recently but requires a game plan. Citrix provides thoughts on the immersion of new IT with workforces for best results.

Work 2035: How People & Technology Will Pioneer New Ways of Working

How will technology change the way we work? Citrix asked the world's top professionals what the world of work in 2035 would look like. Download the report now.

Stay Ahead with Insights on Seamless Security Approaches


Why Remote Work Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

With remote working here to stay, the enterprise attack surface has drastically expanded. Everyone is now responsible for cybersecurity within the organisation. Here's why.

The Evolution of Ransomware & How to Stop It

As ransomware attacks have become increasingly common, sophisticated, and personalised, find out how enterprises can protect themselves.

Why You Can’t Ignore the Security Risks of Cloud Misconfiguration

Cloud misconfigurations are a real and present threat to the ongoing security of the enterprise. Citrix look at how to secure your cloud infrastructure to thwart the risk.

Why You Need a Long-Term Remote Work Security Plan

Learn how to build a long-term remote working security plan with these fresh insights from Citrix. VPNs aren't as secure as you think and zero trust is crucial.

How to Support More Remote Workers – Without More Tech Complexity

Citrix's new report helps IT leaders to support more remote workers without adding unnecessary complexity to the IT infrastructure. Get your copy and enhance your hybrid working model today.

Cybersecurity 2022: Disrupt and Conquer

Chief Security Strategist Kurt Roemer discusses the major cybersecurity trends coming to the market in 2022 in this new guest article.


IT Sustainability & Workplace Experience

Climate change has forced companies of every size to rethink how they operate as they chase sustainability goals.

But one area that doesn’t get the attention it should is the IT function. Citrix is working to change that.


Discuss Workspace Experience with the Experts

Leaders in their fields, Katie and Bernard can help you maximise your workspace potential. Connect with them now to learn more.

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Hear from Influential Thought Leaders

Listen to episodes from The CEO.digital Show where we talk with Citrix about human sustainability, HR and employee wellness in remote working environments

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Creating the Hybrid Mature Workplace: Our Panel of Experts Share Their Solutions

Four global innovation & security experts join us to discuss the hybrid working state of play and how those who shaped its present are innovating its future. Listen in for exclusive insights!

Saša Petrović (Citrix) & Kevin Collins (Fujitsu) on the Implications & Opportunities of the Metaverse

Listen in as Kevin Collins of Fujitsu & Saša Petrović of Citrix discuss everything Metaverse in this exciting, future-focused episode of The CEO.digital Show

Kurt Frary of Norfolk County Council & Chris Voce of Citrix Talk Human-Centricity in the Hybrid Mature Workforce

On the latest CEO.digital Show, we spoke with Kurt Frary of Norfolk County Council & Chris Voce of Citrix about reaching hybrid maturity through human centricity. Listen in for exclusive insights!

David Jack (Citrix) & Sanjeev Kamboj (Fujitsu Global) on the Future of Cybersecurity & Adapting During the Age of Exponential Acceleration

Listen in to this episode of the CEO.digital Show as we’re joined by David Jack of Citrix and Sanjeev Kamboj of Fujitsu to discuss exponential acceleration, attack surface complexity, and much more!

What Can Business Leaders Do to Promote Sustainability? Our Panel Has Their Say

In a first-of-its-kind panel discussion on The CEO.digital Show, we brought together a selection of top thought leaders on sustainability to share their thoughts on how technology is powering a green revolution in business. Listen to the full podcast now.

Matt Cadieux, CIO at Red Bull Racing Honda, on Connecting Distributed Workforces for Seamless Decision-Making in Formula 1

We interviewed the CIO of Red Bull Racing, Matt Cadieux, to find out more about what it takes for IT to support a winning F1 team in the 2021 season.

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Citrix provides technology that empowers organisations to unlock potential and deliver a better employee experience. Citrix’s goal is to give people the space to succeed and do their best work – wherever they are.

The Citrix platform brings intelligence, virtualisation, workspace and app delivery, a zero-trust security approach, and data analytics together in a seamless experience that fosters innovation, resilience, and business continuity. From enabling sustainable remote work models to streamlining the journey to multi-cloud, Citrix helps securely deliver how work gets done today and in the future.

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