Order to Cash – Maintaining Control in a Customer-Centric Supply Chain

In this latest webinar, Michael Massimino, Director of IT, Telogis Inc. and Oracle’s Supply Chain Director, Marco Rossi discuss why a customer-centric approach is a priority and how businesses can maintain control in the supply chain.

The customer business dynamic is shifting. New technology is transforming how customers interact with businesses. As customers move across different touchpoints, from automation, data-management and supplier relationships. How are businesses maintaining control in a customer-centric supply chain?

This webinar explores how enterprises can drive operational efficiency and agility.

How to reshape the customer-business relationship, and why automation is critical.

Find out how businesses need to position themselves to gain value from the new customer-centric relationship.

Uncover how the order to cash process is being transformed by the new customer-centric relationship and hear what businesses can do to take advantage.