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GDPR and retail: What you need to know

Why retail must use GDPR as the
foundation for digital personalisation

Retailers have everything to gain by using customers’ data effectively. That’s why the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents so many opportunities. Particularly because across generations, people are happy to offer up their data – as long as it results in an improved customer experience.

That’s the conclusion drawn in this report, for senior retail executives. Explore themes, from customer loyalty and engagement to data collection or in-store experience. And find out why GDPR forms the foundation for succeeding with these themes.

Key takeaways

Why customers want you to collect their data
Explore consensus between from Baby Boomers and Generation Z – both welcoming the idea of data collection if it means more personalised services.

Best practices for data deletion and encryption
Guidance on getting control of siloed personal data that’s been copied across multiple places in multiple infrastructures.

A key differentiator – for good or bad
Discover how GDPR will differentiate companies in consumers’ eyes, especially in the case of a high-profile breach.

Consent and profiling: What retailers need to know
Find out why using customer data depends on how the data is acquired.

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