Can you Risk Connectivity Outage?

How to ensure high quality connectivity and high bandwidth while controlling costs: Bridging the gap between real world buyer needs and mainstream firewall industry offerings

Your business relies on connectivity. Whether it’s providing a service to your customers or joining your workforce, you can’t risk losing it. And with a growing number of dispersed networks serving your separate locations and employees, you’re putting greater strain on your IT.

Avoid the high-latency, low-bandwidth struggle

55% of users will abandon your mobile site if it takes over 3 seconds to load

New requirements call for new tools

83% of organisations have concerns about cloud-generation firewalls in the cloud

A new route to faster, more secure connections

99% of organisations say a cloud-specific firewall would be beneficial

Discover better security control

34% of organisations say that a lack of centralised management across distributed firewalls create significant overhead